The Welsh Springer Spaniel may be a numerically small breed but over the years it has been the subject of a number of excellent books. These are listed below in the order in which they were published. The older books are out of print but it may be possible to obtain them from specialist second-hand book dealers or by using a book-search service, for instance try ABE Books. Some of the more recently published books are available from the WSSC Online Shop.

 The Welsh Springer Spaniel History The Welsh Springer Spaniel – History, Selection, Training, and Care;
William Pferd III, published by A.S.Barnes & Co. (New Jersey), 1977, 274pp (ISBN 0498018466) Out of print.’A collector’s item not merely because of historical significance as the first breed book but for its many virtues. Pferd’s enthusiasm, energy and thoroughness produced a comprehensive range of interesting material on hunting dog evolution and on red-and-white spaniel history. The mid ’70s Welshie scene is well illustrated with good b/w pictures from leading breeders in GB and USA. A giant leap for breed knowledge. Full marks for effort, and achievement.’ – John Phillips
 The Essential Welsh Springer Spaniel The Essential Welsh Springer Spaniel;
John Phillips, published by the author, 1985, 183pp (rev. ed. 1989, 210pp) (ISBN 0951023705) Out of print.This book, by a former chairman of the WSSC, gives a very comprehensive history of the breed and its development during the 20th century. The importance of working ability is stressed and several chapters are devoted to this aspect of the breed. Included are appendices listing Championship Show results since 1924 and all UK Champions and a bibliography.‘This is a fine historical record of the breed as far back as it can be traced. References are clear, and comment is concise. Additionally there are some excellent discussion chapters on breed type and function. …the care and attention to facts is obvious. This is one of the best breed books I have ever read’ – National Dog (Australia)
 Book of Champions 52 to 89 Welsh Springer Champions, 1952-1989;
by E.E.Camino & Book Co., 1989, 125pp (ISBN 1558930132) (Spiral-bound paperback)
 Book of Champions The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Book of Champions, 1902-1992;
published by the WSSC, 1993, 251pp.A brief history of the breed is followed by complete record of all 233 UK WSS champions until 1992. Pedigrees are printed together with photographs (except for a small percentage of cases where they are unavailable). The book ends with a useful index.
 Welsh Springer Spaniel Handbook Welsh Springer Spaniel: a complete and reliable handbook;
Linda S Brennan, published by TFH Publications, Inc. 1997, 93pp (ISBN 079380762x)This glossily illustrated book starts with short chapters on the description and history of the breed, the AKC breed standard, and showing but primarily concentrates on the care and welfare of Welsh Springers as pets.
 World of Dogs Welsh Springer Spaniel The World of Dogs – Welsh Springer Spaniel;
Anne Walton, published by Kingdom Books, 1999, 272pp (ISBN 1852791128).
 Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel; Haja Van Wessem,
published by Interpet Publishing, 2000.
 Chelsea and the new puppy Chelsea & the new Puppy;
Loren Spiotta-DiMare, illustrated by Kara Lee, published by Town Book Press, New Jersey, 2001, (ISBN 1-892657-3-1).A delightfully illustrated children’s book about Chelsea, a Welsh Springer. Reviewed in the WSSC’s January 2002 Newsletter

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