Judging List

The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Judging List (Last updated June 2017)

The committee hears and votes on all judging list applications since the last meeting and the list below is updated accordingly.

Roll of Honour

(Judges who have previously awarded Challenge Certificates in our breed that have now retired)

~Mr J Beattie (Knockmains)~
~Mrs G Hawksley (Siandwr)~
~Mrs J Hopkins (Zamberlan)~
~Mrs R Horter (Of Rowans Residence)~
~Mrs E A Jones (Pennylock)~
~Mr J M Phillips (Topmast)~
~Mrs V Roach (Bramblebank)~
~Mrs S Taylor (Sumerand)~
~Mrs A M Walton (Hillpark)~
~Mr M Young (Wainfelin)~
~Mrs A Young (Wainfelin)~

Clicking on the links below will open the appropriate list in a new window. Lists last updated 23/10/2017

Judging List Download

Contact details listed are the latest available to the club, should details require updating please email the email smallJudging List Co-ordinator.

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