Is a Welsh Springer for You?

Is a welsh for you 1The Welsh Springer Spaniel can make an excellent choice for a family pet, being of medium size and with a happy and outgoing disposition. They are very good with children as long as respect has been installed on both sides, although their exuberance of youth can mean that very young children and puppies do not lean themselves to a particularly peaceful household.

They are highly intelligent and unbelievably affectionate, being capable with the relevant training to compete in agility, obedience, working tests and the show ring as well as fulfilling their main role of a much loved member of the family.

There are however several points to bear in mind before deciding to take on a Welsh Springer– here are some of the less attractive traits to consider:

Is a welsh for you 2A Welsh Springer moults and you end up with ‘tumble weed’ of hair around the house. They also love to get wet and mucky and whilst ‘self-cleaning’, all of that dried dirt deposits itself around your house  – if you are house proud, be prepared to being doing a lot more housework!

Welsh Springers can also have an aptitude to digging, do not be surprised if he/she decides to re-landscape your garden . They are also very agile and your garden needs to be well fenced and secure.

Is a welsh for you 3 and 4

Welsh Springers do not make good kennel dogs, they thrive on human contact and want to be with you all the time. You will very quickly acquire a shadow – this needs managing from an early age to avoid problems further down the one with separation anxiety.

Is a welsh for you 5Although very easy to train, they will often consider commands to be optional and will only obey when they feel like it. Again, this needs enforcing from an early age in a firm but gentle manner – they do not respond to harsh training methods, they are very sensitive in nature. As the saying goes – ‘Give them an inch and they will take a Mile’ – you have been warned!

A Welsh Springer is a very active and intelligent dog and requires regular physical and mental stimulation. If you fail to provide this, they will find ways to entertain themselves, which may not be to your liking! –

The Welsh Springer is generally a healthy animal, with a life span of around 10 – 15 years. Unfortunately a small proportion of the breed are affected with hereditary defects which today’s breeders are doing their best to manage by health testing before breeding. See The Joint Heath Welsh Springer Spaniel Health Group for further details.

The Welsh Springer is definitely not the easiest of breed to won, they require a significant amount of time and effort (especially in the early years) – But they repay your efforts tenfold and a more devoted and faithful companion would be harder to find.

So You Still Think A Welsh Springer Is For You   

Is a welsh for you 6 and 7

If you are considering a puppy, always buy from a reputable breeder and ensure that you are able to see the puppies with the mother. This should give you some guide as to the appearance and temperament of your potential puppy. Ensure that both parents have been tested for the relevant health checks – please see the health page and puppies available page.

Or perhaps you may prefer an older dog and would consider adopting a rescue – please see the rescue page.

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