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Comprehensive listing of Welsh Springer Web Sites throughout the world. Also included are some gundog and other canine sites. If you have, or know of, a web site that you feel should be listed, or if you find any broken links, please email the Webmaster email small. We would be grateful if those listed here would place links to the WSSC on their sites.

The WSSC is not responsible for the content of any of the sites listed. If you believe any to be unsuitable to be listed here please advise the Webmaster email small.

Type Site Location Comments
WSS Breed Joint Initiative Welsh Springer Spaniel Joint Health Group UK
WSS Breed Club Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales UK
WSS Breed Club South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club UK
WSS Breed Club North of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club UK
WSS Breed Club Swedish Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Sweden
WSS Breed Club Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America Inc USA
WSS Breed Club Greater Chesapeake Welsh Springer Spaniel Club USA Mid-Atlantic States, USA
WSS Breed Club Belgian Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Belgium
WSS Breed Club Dutch Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Holland
WSS Breed Club Dutch Welsh Springer Spaniel Association Holland
WSS email list homepage WelshSpringer-H Worldwide Homepage of the Welsh Springer email list, including joining details
WSS Site Alclare Kennels Australia
WSS Site Irma’s Welshies Australia Irma Crews
WSS Site Maesgwyn Welshies Australia Youlla Kyriacou & David Read
WSS Site Plattwood Welsh Springer Spaniels Australia Peter Jones
WSS Site Tazlon Welshies (& Hungarian Vizslas) Australia Phil & Robyn Ellis
WSS Site Ricochez Welsh Springer Spaniels Australia Bruce & Bev Cornish
WSS Site Hatstone’s Welsh Springer Spaniels Austria Reinhard & Maria Hutsteiner
WSS Site Pencader Welsh Springer Spaniels Canada Chris Edwards
WSS Site Brixispride Welsh Springer Spaniels Czech Rep. Zuzana Brixi
WSS Site Han-Ende Welsh Springer Spaniels Czech Rep. Hana Konecna
WSS Site Badgers Drift Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Helle Noejgaard
WSS Site Blazewood Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Lena Sørensen
WSS Site Churnwood Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Lotte Evers
WSS Site Gallois Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Merethe Anderson & Finn Nielsen
WSS Site Lloer Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Thomas & Charlotte Schütt
WSS Site “My Welsh” Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Lizette Laugesen
WSS Site Purreskoven Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Annette Lindholt Larsen (in Danish)
WSS Site Red & White Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Birte Bjorn
WSS Site Tornegaarden Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Anne Lydeking
WSS Site Welsh Dream Welshies Denmark Loise Mosbaek (in Danish)
WSS Site Welsh Gardens Welsh Springer Spaniels Denmark Gitte Frederiksen
WSS Site Markus Kaseva’s Site Finland
WSS Site Benton Welsh Springer Spaniels Finland Marjo Jaakkola
WSS Site Eastfarm Welsh Springer Spaniels Finland Malin Carlsson
WSS Site Mandevil Welsh Springer Spaniels Finland Leila Kärkäs
WSS Site Mawredd Welsh Springers Finland Kirsti Väisänen-Hostikka
WSS Site Rocbee Welsh Springers Finland In Finnish
WSS Site Wild Fellows Welsh Springers Finland Minna Hallikainen (In Finnish)
WSS Site Beach Hunters Germany Christa Bahrenfuss
WSS Site Welsh of Salt & Pepper Germany Franziska Hapke
WSS Site Paduch’s Welsh Springers Germany Anja & Sascha Paduch
WSS Site von der Ruraue Welsh Springers Germany Juergen & Lucy Wallat
WSS Site Kennel Aandacht Holland Marianne Coppelmans
WSS Site Des Vauriennes Welsh Springers Holland Lidewij Harmsen
WSS Site Fantdetica Welsh Springers Holland B & G Aardema
WSS Site From Kind of Magic Welsh Springers Holland Jolanda in ‘t groen
WSS Site Griffins Lodge Welsh Springers Holland Hannie Timmerman
WSS Site Ria Horter’s Site Holland Ria Horter
WSS Site Faron’s Site Holland Margaret Kietlinski
WSS Site Inma’s Welsh Springers Holland Ine van den Beuken
WSS Site Our Loyal Welsh Holland Anja Wetsteyn
WSS Site Raamvliet Welsh Springers Holland Nora Choufour
WSS Site Van Voornestein Welsh Springer Spaniels Holland Len & Will Kornet
WSS Site Aswel Welsh Springers (& Cockers) New Zealand
WSS Site Dana Welsh Springer Spaniels (& Labradors) New Zealand Martin Catley
WSS Site Glynteg Welsh Springer Spaniels New Zealand Penny Nalder
WSS Site Llanfair Welsh Springer Spaniels New Zealand Maxine & Shane Brannigan
WSS Site Avonlea Welsh Springers Norway Ann Helen Brandal
WSS Site Westaway English & Welsh Springer Spaniels Norway Frank Bjerklund & Stig Arne Kjellevold
WSS Site Kennel Yxsjostugan Norway Betzy Standahl
WSS Site Kennel Minebea Slovakia Olga Borosova
WSS Site Cormallen Welshies Spain Julia Bateman
WSS Site Kennel Clumbrolds Sweden Margareta Edman
WSS Site Dag Bruck’s Site Sweden
WSS Site Kennel Don’s Sweden Karin Brostam Berglund, Anika Högström, Lena Rosio
WSS Site Kennel Fedelm Sweden Biggan Elofsson & Pertti Heijare
WSS Site Freckles Welsh Springer Spaniels Sweden Carina Arvidsson
WSS Site Kennel Geltmans Sweden Ola Erikson
WSS Site Kennel Hammalgården Sweden Gudrun Jonsson
WSS Site Kennel Lezedas Sweden Agneta Jonsson
WSS Site Merry One’s Welsh Springer Spaniels Sweden Yvonne & Bjorn Skeppstedt Schill
WSS Site Kennel Queensett Sweden Ann-Marie & Peter Hobbs Gal
WSS Site Reedbank Welsh Springer Spaniels (mainly Swedish) Sweden Karin Haggard
WSS Site Smörsoppens’ Welsh Springer Spaniels Sweden Siw Karlsson
WSS Site Kennel Timras (in Swedish) Sweden Carola Burman
WSS Site Kennel Trigger Sweden Catarina Hultgren
WSS Site Welford Welsh Springer Spaniels Sweden Carsten Sörensen
WSS Site Amblelight Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Sandra Blackford
WSS Site Ardinia Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Jayne & Zoe Jackson
WSS Site Barhi Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Finuala Barnes
WSS Site Benoveor Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Jan & Vicky Reynolds
WSS Site Bushwacker Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Julie Frost
WSS Site Cherryheath Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Sharon Barkley
WSS Site The Chrisses Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Christine Morgan & Christine Schofield
WSS Site Ferndel Welsh Springer Spaniels UK John Thirwell
WSS Site Gemill Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Joyce Carr
WSS Site Glenbrows Gundogs UK Tim & Honor Harrison
WSS Site Helgen Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Jo Bonser-Hadfield
WSS Site Highclare Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Gill Tully
WSS Site Isfryn Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Tina Smith
WSS Site Islanza Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Pat Salt
WSS Site Kurzeja Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Wanda Laupersberger
WSS Site Llawkrik Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Andy Neilson
WSS Site Northey Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Christine McDonald
WSS Site Pamicks Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Pam & Mick Tew
WSS Site Parkmist Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Trudy Short
WSS Site Pennylock Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Ann Jones
WSS Site Redfrith Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Kerry & Melissa Duncan
WSS Site Roxdale Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Debbie Boumonté
WSS Site Sarabande Welsh & English Springer Spaniels UK Anne & Nigel Worth
WSS Site Shannara Welsh Springer & Cocker Spaniels UK Tori Ellis
WSS Site Shannas Gordon Setters & Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Bonnie & Ronnie Scougall
WSS Site Stedigan Welsh Springer Spaniels UK Paul Steadman
WSS Site Tasa Gundogs UK Sue Aston
WSS Site Tigerrock Welsh Springers UK Catriona Clarke
WSS Site About a Welshie with only 1 kidney UK Janine Bebbington
WSS Site The fun side of owning 2 Welshies UK Jackie England
WSS Site Alizarin Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Jill Ann Vick
WSS Site Fairwinds Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Beth Holmes
WSS Site Fireside Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Teri Johnston
WSS Site Gingerwood Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Sue Healy
WSS Site Glenevan Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Valerie Young
WSS Site Heavens Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Dawn & Chris Ford
WSS Site Ivywild Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Faye & Wes Skoczylas
WSS Site Kalevala Farm USA Therese Stoebner
WSS Site Limberlost Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Colleen M O’Keefe
WSS Site Milestone Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Cathy Miles
WSS Site Riverside Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Chuck & Angela Wren
WSS Site Rysan Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Sandy Rohrbacher
WSS Site Saga Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Sandra & Gary Ilmanen
WSS Site Statesman Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Gary & Susan Riese, & Meghen & Charles Bassel
WSS Site Trystyn Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Sandra Holmes
WSS Site Killagay & Tudur Welsh Springer Spaniels USA Joe Cowdrick
Spaniels Working Events for Minor Spaniels UK Sponsored by United Spaniel Association
Spaniels Spanie-L Worldwide The home page for the Spanie-L Mailing List
Spaniels Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club of Victoria Australia
Spaniels Jagdspaniel-Klub e.V. Germany In German & English
Spaniels Dual-purpose spaniel site France In French & English
Gundogs National Gundog Association UK
Gundogs Gundog Gazette UK Comprehensive website devoted to all aspects of working gundogs
Gundogs working minority breeds spaniel club UK website devoted to all aspects of working minority breed spaniels
Gundogs Field Trials and Working Gundogs UK The KC website devoted to all aspects of gundog training & competing in Field Trials & Working Tests
Useful Name Site May be useful for naming your puppy – includes Celtic name section
Useful The Kennel Club UK
Useful Crufts UK
Useful Discover Dogs UK
Useful Council for Docked Breeds UK
Useful PAT Dogs UK
Useful Our Dogs UK
Useful Fosse Data Systems UK On-line entries & Show Results
Useful Higham Press UK Show Results
Useful Canine Information Directory UK Show Results
Useful K9 Clean Coats UK Coats for dogs
Member’s Site Otford Boarding Kennels (Sevenoaks) UK Jackie Larmer’s Boarding Kennels
Member’s Site Eirene Hunter – Animal Artist UK Eirene Hunter
General Dogtown UK General dog site with links to breed clubs, kennels, & merchandise suppliers
General Pet Carriers UK Pet Carriers
General ‘Pet Secure’ insurance UK Pet Insurance
General Hillpark Jewellery UK Exclusive WSS solid silver jewellery
General Dog leash store large variet of leads
General Neil Harris Crystal Dogs UK Hand-made crystal dogs

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