Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue and Re-Homing

Sadly, there are occasions when Welsh Springers have to be re-homed. To assist in these circumstances and to help safeguard the welfare of the dogs concerned the Welsh Springer Rescue and Re-homing Scheme (WSSR) was formed.

The dog that typically comes through the Scheme is about 6-7 years old which makes the task of finding suitable homes that bit more difficult. They also get some real veterans but thanks to the kindness of the Rescue Co-ordinators and Foster Carers they try to always manage to find them somewhere to enjoy their ‘twilight years’

WSSR is a totally independent organisation set up by a group of Welsh Springer Spaniel enthusiasts all over the country to assist in the rescue and re-homing of Welsh Springers. As such the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club has no direct involvement in the running of the scheme.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club does however support the WSSR by way of fundraising through Fun days and other events, the last Fun Weekend saw a donation of over £400 being made towards their work. The WSSC also provide space in the WSSC Yearbook to publicise the WSSR Annual Report and Accounts along with a list of their current representatives. The efforts of the WSSR and their contact details are also promoted through this website.

If you would like more information about adopting or becoming a foster carer of a Welsh Springer through the WSSR then please contact the Scheme’s Co-ordinator Mrs Joy Hartley (Tel. 01302 834148) email: weslave@aol.com

Welsh Springer Spaniels currently in rescue:




Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue (WSSR) is an association of volunteers independent of the existing four Welsh Springer Spaniel Clubs. It is not controlled by them in any way and any statements, policies or actions made by the WSSR are not necessarily endorsed by the four clubs.

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