Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue and Re-Homing

Sadly, there are occasions when Welsh Springers have to be re-homed. To assist in these circumstances and to help safeguard the welfare of the dogs concerned the Welsh Springer Rescue and Re-homing Scheme (WSSR) was formed.

The dog that typically comes through the Scheme is about 6-7 years old which makes the task of finding suitable homes that bit more difficult. They also get some real veterans but thanks to the kindness of the Rescue Co-ordinators and Foster Carers they try to always manage to find them somewhere to enjoy their ‘twilight years’

WSSR is a totally independent organisation set up by a group of Welsh Springer Spaniel enthusiasts all over the country to assist in the rescue and re-homing of Welsh Springers. As such the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club has no direct involvement in the running of the scheme.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club does however support the WSSR by way of fundraising through Fun days and other events, the last Fun Weekend saw a donation of over £1000 being made towards their work. The WSSC also provide space in the WSSC Yearbook to publicise the WSSR Annual Report and Accounts along with a list of their current representatives. The efforts of the WSSR and their contact details are also promoted through this website.

If you would like more information about adopting or becoming a foster carer of a Welsh Springer through the WSSR then please contact the Scheme’s Co-ordinator Mrs Joy Hartley (Tel. 01302 834148) email: weslave@aol.com

Welsh Springer Spaniels currently in rescue:

Date 19 July 2017

2 Welsh Springers: click on link below to see the page about them.
OSCA&Rubi Fact Sheet

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OSCA   and    RUBY

We first became aware of Osca & Rubi in May this year when their owner contacted us & asked us to re-house them. She was selling her house as she was divorcing her husband & she & her new partner(who didn’t like dogs) were relocating & would not be able to take them with her. They were nearly 9 years old(litter brother & sister) & were both neutered & she wanted them to be re-homed together. I explained to her that at 9 years it could be difficult but it had been done before & we would do our very best. She said this was fine as her house wasn’t at this point on the market & estate agents had advised her that it could take up to 2 years to sell her property & she wanted the dogs to stay with her until she had to move out of her house, so I explained to her as we would possibly that in 2 years time we could be talking of two 11 year old dogs which would make the situation even more difficult which seemed to be beyond her comprehension!!!. Both dogs both suffered from arthritis for which they were given annual injections. In fact she supplied us with both dogs vet records from when they had their first vaccinations !!!. Ruby was also incontinent  on a night since was spayed at 7months (apparently she marks her bed) I did explain that this could be a problem for some people (again she didn’t understand why).

I asked her if she would let us know when she put her house on the market so it gave us a time scale on which we could act also when her house was sold.

In early June she let us know that her house had been put on the market  & one of our reps. went to assess Rubi & Osca & found them both in good health & condition for their age, although Rubi did seem to prefer a quieter life. Both had excellent temperaments & Osca was always ready to chase a ball!!.I prepared and information sheet for both dogs circulated to all our Reps. & placed it on our page on  Welsh Springer Spaniel Club website.

Their owner then contacted me & said whilst reluctant to do it she was prepared to let them be separated. I had one enquiry from the website – not for a home but an offer to foster but they weren’t prepared to take Rubi because of her little problem. The owner then sent an email to tell us the house had been sold & as from the end of June there would be nobody living in the house to look after the dogs or exercise them so could we please inform her what arrangements we had made for her dogs- it sounded as though she was abandoning them!!!.By this time we had actually found Osca a home with a lovely retired couple who have had a Rescue Welsh before & were looking for someone to foster Rubi.

The owner backed off & told our Rep .That she would probably be still in the house until early August which meant that Osca would be in his new home.

On 8th July we received an email from their owner asking us to remove them from our Re-homing list as she had placed them in the hands of English Springer Spaniel Welfare (she has told them that we wouldn’t help her!!!) I did reply to her email but of course there was no response!!!.

I would also like to say that I did inform Rubi & Osca’s Breeder who unfortunately wasn’t in a position to help & was more than happy for us to take them on.

All the above is documented in our records & can be verified

On behalf of Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue & Re-homing Scheme


Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue (WSSR) is an association of volunteers independent of the existing four Welsh Springer Spaniel Clubs. It is not controlled by them in any way and any statements, policies or actions made by the WSSR are not necessarily endorsed by the four clubs.

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