Puppies Available

The puppy list has been compiled as a service to Members of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club and is available for Club Members to advertise puppies bred by them.  It is not an endorsement of any mating or of the quality of the puppies and the Club do not accept any responsibility arising out of any subsequent sales.

In common with most breed clubs, our breed has a Health Group that is charged with investigating and attempting to eradicate hereditary defects within the breed. Historically these included Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, and Glaucoma. Details of which can be found on the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club website under the heading Health & Welfare.

You are advised to make your own enquires as to the suitability of the puppies on the list.

The following members have advised us that they have puppies available:

Contact details:



Contact No.



 Ann Lyon  Dorset/Devon Borders  01297 444132  annianlyon@gmail.com  2 dogs
 Debbie Boumonte  Devon  01752 202271  dkittyville@blueyonder.co.uk  1 dog
 Carol Greenway  South  01983 854898  07989 234004  greenwaycloud@icloud.com  1 dog 1 bitch
 Helen Adams  Cornwall  01752 829305 07501 789611  dizzyhelen23@gmail.com  5 dogs 3 bitches
 Sarah Ceriati  Newark Notts  01636 706970 07790 545054  s_ceriati@msn.com  2 dogs
 Sandra Blackford  South West  01566 772974   07738 674741  amblelight@talktalk.net  4 dogs

We wish you good luck with your new puppy and hope that you will become a member of our Club in the near future. Details can be found on the website under the heading The Club.

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