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The work of the Joint Health Group is to investigate any condition that is causing concern in the breed. The Group is made up of equal numbers of delegates from each of the breed clubs and has an independent chairman. If you have anything that you would like to submit for discussion or need any help with a problem then please contact a delegate.

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In 2015 at our AGM the members voted to donate £5,000 of the clubs reserves to the JHG to be used in research into Glaucoma, as part of a larger donation being given by the JHG to the Animal Health Trust who would be carrying out the research.

As part of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club support of the JHG we have now added the ability to donate to the JHG through our website by clicking on this link or visiting the club online shop. All donations will be periodically passed directly in full to the JHG and a report of monies raised will appear in subsequent Year Books.


Club Delegates

Chairman vacant
Secretary Mrs Julie Revill, Tel: 01621 840346
Committee WSSC Arlene TesterHeather Michie
WSSC of SW Jan ReesJan Janes
SEWSSC Julie RevillSteven Pick
N of E WSSC Joy Hartley, Jayne Sutherland
Trustees WSSC Alison Finlay
WSSC of SW Annie Glover
SEWSSC Sharon Jones
N of E WSSC Judy Yacoub
Treasurer/Co-opted Member (Without voting rights) Anne Morgan


The JHG meets several times a year and publishes the reports of these meetings:

The first project undertaken by the JHG was to look at the incidence of Primary Epilepsy in the breed. The Group is working with the Animal Health Trust (AHT) towards the possible development of a DNA test for the condition. Blood samples are still being collected to try to identify a marker for the genes involved.

The second project the JHG undertook to investigate was Primary Glaucoma. A previous study on Glaucoma had been made by Dr K Barnett and Mrs Cottrell (AHT) and so the Group sought their help again to investigate the problem. In the quest for new information on Glaucoma the Group arranged testing sessions at shows to provide data for the research, and a new gonioscopy lens was bought by the JHG for Mrs Cottrell to use in testing sessions. Over 200 dogs have been tested under the research programme and a report on the outcome has been received by the JHG.

The Group also commissioned an investigation and report from Dr Malcolm Willis on the hip status of the breed.

Fact Sheets covering these 3 conditions are now available:

Also available are statements from the Animal Health Trust on the subjects of Glaucoma (Jun 98) and DNA Research (Dec 98).

July 2017 new information on a grading system for gonioscopy testing 2017 Pilot project_gonioscopy grading

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