Working Results 2006

WSSC Autumn Assessment Test – 23rd September 2006

The WSSC Autumn Assessment Test (open to all minority breed spaniels and show/show-bred ESS and Cockers) was held at Brookwood, Surrey, by kind permission of Mr R Reeder. The judges were John Rolfe (Novice and Open) & Ann Morgan (SB and Puppy)

In the results below all dogs are WSS unless otherwise specified.

Special Beginners (8 runners)

  1. Eventide’s Lady Lovebird – Inger Vang
  2. Sh Ch Corrogs Mr De Wynter at Bananadance JW ShCM – Jonathan Daltrey (Am Cocker)
  3. Afterglow Mrs Miniver JW ShCM – Jonathan Daltry (Am Cocker)
  4. Pamicks Wicked But Gracious of Cormallen – Julia Bateman

Puppy (5 runners)

  1. Blue Saphire from Kazval – Paul Steadman
  2. Highclare Darcee Bussell – Richard Reeder
  3. Menstonia Mahler at Benmorbry – Sue Connolly
  4. Pamicks Wicked But Gracious of Cormallen – Julia Bateman

Novice (14 runners)

  1. Atalas Jack The Lad at Stedigan – Paul Steadman
  2. Antonine Lord of the Ring – Paul Williams (Clumber)
  3. Eventide’s Lady Lovebird – Bert Vang
  4. Sycharth Catrin – Mary Evans
  • COM. Gwenhafon Gwennol – Sandra Bell

Open (13 runners)

  1. Isfryn Ghost Swift – Tina Smith (WSS)
  2. Fiergen Silver Spirit – Julie Shawyer (WSS)
  3. Northey Sun on The Sea – Christine McDonald (WSS)
  4. Red of Brock at Stedigan – Paul Steadman (WSS)

Best Hunters

  • Puppy: Highclare Darcee Bussell
  • Novice: Atalas Jack The Lad at Stedigan
  • Open: Isfryn Ghost Swift