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Training your Welsh Springer to the gun can be an exceedingly satisfying experience but, as with all dog-training, there are often barriers to be overcome. The Welsh Springer matures later than, say, a FT bred English Springer Spaniel and the early days of basic training and bonding with a puppy are very important.

There are number of good spaniel training books that will assist you but there is no doubt that the breed has a few nuances that can be frustrating, particularly for a novice trainer.

The people listed below would be happy to assist you whether you have a general enquiry, specific trouble-spot, or even if it’s only to provide sympathy. More often there will be some ‘tricks of the trade’ acquired over the years that will help. Don’t forget though that all gundog training, regardless of breed, has its peaks and troughs and can be frustrating. That’s why it’s even more worthwhile when you have a well trained dog

Sharon Barkley 01233 712661


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