The Working Section exists to help to promote and assist members in the training of their dogs to the gun. The Welsh Springer is a dual purpose spaniel in that the breed has not split into show and working types and we believe that it is important to develop the natural working instincts of the breed whilst breeding from sound stock. We gain pride from the fact that our dogs can be worked seriously one day and be shown seriously the next.

The Club holds events to encourage members to test their dogs in competition and there are a number of people available to give advice on training or help when there is a problem to be overcome.

Ultimately working spaniels are used to fill the game bag and there are many people who shoot regularly over their dogs either on formal shoots or as a rough-shooting companion. The Welsh Springer is a natural game finder and is an exciting dog to work.

Many members however gain pleasure from training their dog and only participating in assessment tests either against Welsh Springers or other breeds. This is a pleasurable and fun activity, being an extension of training. Although a number of handlers have gone on to work their dogs on the real thing or to participate successfully in field trials, training increases the bond between handler and dog and, at worst, you can only end up with a better trained companion.

Give it a go but beware … you might just get the bug!


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