Breed Activities

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a multi purpose gundog that can be trained and will enjoy a range of activities such as:

Showing many dogs represent the breed at shows throughout the country in order to gain accolades, awards or just for fun.

Working the natural purpose of the WSS, this is an activity enjoyed by many.

Agility whilst only a few Welsh Springers actively compete in agility, they are able to take on the Collies at their own game!

Obedience despite the beliefs of many Welsh Springer owners, they can compete successfully in obedience.

PAT Dogs many Welsh Springers act as PAT dogs (Pets As Therapy) visiting sick and elderly people.

Junior Handling an article by Zoe Jackson describing the KC’s Junior Handling scheme.

More information on each of these activities can be found on their own pages – see the related pages below.

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